Navigate the Economic Storm with Confidence

With scarce funding and the threat of down rounds, walking the tightrope can be a challenging task. Let Howdy provide a lifeline by sourcing senior, ownership-minded developers. 

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As experienced entrepreneurs, we have walked a mile in your shoes. Having developers in the same time zone allows you to quickly receive and implement feedback, assess progress, and extend your budget's capacity.

Hiring developers around the world is easy peasy

Remote work, with a local office twist

Our developers get the best of both worlds - remote work flexibility and in-person connections. We make it easy for them to work in home country offices and enjoy some good old-fashioned team bonding.

Investment in the future of work

We’re backed by the same people who brought you Twitch, Gitlab, Docker, Coinbase. Gitlab, AirBnB, Heroku, and others. With investors like Y-Combinator (W21), Obvious, Greycroft, and SoftBank, Howdy is not alone in changing the way developers work for US startups.

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